Good software everywhere

We support the idea that good software should be generally available. Our engineers are encouraged to contribute to open source software development to help support that cause. Here's a list of projects with significant contributions.



LedgerSMB is an open source ERP targetted at small and medium size businesses. We use the software ourselves and are dedicated to continued development of the software and its community.

Additionally, we have started the book project Running your business with LedgerSMB as we consider our experience in Finance the perfect starting position.


Armedbear Common Lisp

The Armedbear Common Lisp (ABCL) project implements Common Lisp - a programming language - to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) - the platform all Java applications run on. Through the efforts of this project, a lot of software written in Common Lisp can now be run on the JVM and integrated with Java applications.

We use ABCL in some of our products to speed up the algorithm development cycle with respect to traditional Java or C(++) software development.


Common Lisp libraries

We have initiated or support maintenance of multiple Common Lisp libraries:

  • usocket - a portability library for cross implementation internet sockets access
  • cl-irc - a library for the development of IRC clients
  • py-configparser - a library for parsing python style configuration files
  • ...